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In the Top End and especially during the ‘Build Up’ fleas and ticks are most prevalent in yards and homes. The humidity is what they thrive in and due to their life cycle often requires more than one treatment.

Movement activates their eggs to hatch so we recommend that you make movement by either playing ball with the dog/s or simply crash and bang about the house within a short time of a treatment.

We also recommend that you tick/flea wash the pets at the same time we are doing a treatment. We provide a tick/flea collar as part of our service and strongly recommend that the pet wears it. This will help prevent reinfestation of the yard or house when you walk the dog in the park and then return home bringing unwanted friends with you. Remember it may take more than one treatment to eradicate this pest.


As part of most tenancy agreements you will be required to spray for ticks and fleas (if you have a dog or cat) either inside and out or just outside. In this case we can reduce the price if you don’t want a collar but we still recommend your pet has one on anyway.

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