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Here at Darwin pest control we are committed to not only providing a high level of service but for that service to be performed in the safest possible way.

To that end we only use the highest quality products which have been supplied by world renowned manufacturers. These chemicals have been tested extensively and as a result come with the highest quality assurance.

We understand that some clients are worried about any adverse affects that may result from having these chemicals around their home. This is why we only use synthetic pyrethroids which are based on pyrethrin which is the natural product.

The sprays that we use have either low odour or are odourless. There is no need for you to vacate or empty cupboards and it is safe for dogs, cats kids and the elderly. They dry within 1 hour and do not leave a stain. They are long lasting which provides long term protection from nasty pests. These chemicals are designed for insect bodies and metabolisms, not humans. There is however one product which we use for exterminating rats & mice which is a mammalicide and therefore if consumed by humans or pets can cause poisoning. This is why we never place rodent baits in an area that is accessible to people or pets unless it is secured in a tamperproof container which only allows access by rodents. On most occasions we place the baits in the roof cavity as this gives the best results whilst keeping it away from unwarranted access.

The powders that we use are classified as non-toxic to humans. They are of course very potent to insects. The same applies to any gels that we use which are mainly for German cockroach eradication.

If you are still not sure, please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to answer your questions as honestly as we can.

You can contact us on (08) 8932 8002 and ask for Ron.

We hope that this information has assisted you.