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Here at Darwin Pest Control we offer a variety of methods in relation to Pre Construction Termite Treatments. In the Northern Territory there is no restriction (as yet) on hand spraying slabs, footings, post holes and Part 'B' treatments under A.S. 3660.1-2000. That said, although we use the best chemicals available the limitations on hand spraying are obvious as once it is done it will last only as long as the label states under optimum conditions. We ask any builders, concreters or project managers to contact us direct via email Contact us or call on (08) 8932 8002.

Registered for use in accordance with A.S. 3660.1-2000

The product that we use is Biflex low odour which is registered for a maximum of 10 years. This product is very well received with builders and concreters due to its' low odour. Hand spraying is also a lot more quickly installed than physical barrier treatments and therefore can usually be done at short notice. The cost of this service is also more economically accepted than other methods.

2. Camilleri Underslab Reticulation
Registered for use in accordance with A.S. 3660.1-2000

There are various reticulation systems on the market but we have chosen this system as, to date, it is the only reticulation system that has never failed. It allows for the reapplication of the chemical under the slab and Part 'B' at any stage after the structure has been built. The cost is obviously higher than a hand spray because it is more labour intensive to install than a hand spray. We also require more notice and more time to install so allow for this if you are interested in this product. The benefits are obvious though when you compare this product to a 'one off' hand spray.

3. Homeguard
Registered for use in accordance with A.S. 3660.1-2000

There are other similar products on the market to Homeguard i.e Kordon but we have chosen to use Homeguard for many reasons. Homeguard is classified as a termite barrier in a non-soil matrix. In basic terms it is a plastic sheet and collar product that has Biflex impregnated through it. This means that if termites go close to it they are repelled and if they come in contact with it they die. It can also be used as a damp proof course (D.P.C.) It is non-sensitizing which means that there is no adverse effect to the installer or trades people working near it, which is often the case with other similar products. There is no odour at all and it will last, in most cases, the life of the building. As was the case with the reticulation system, there is a lot more preparation required than a hand spray so prior arrangements are required for this product. The cost is far outweighed against the long term benefits of using this product.

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